2015-16 DSU Wrestling Seniors Recognized at Senior Luncheon

2015-16 DSU Wrestling Seniors Recognized at Senior Luncheon

DICKINSON, ND- The 2015-16 Dickinson State University Wrestling seniors were recognized Wednesday at the DSU Athletic Senior Luncheon hosted by the Blue Hawk Athletic Department.

The 2015-16 DSU Wrestlign Seniors are Deshawn Haynes, Pat Tangen, Taylor Hodel, Nick Dekalb, Jason Armitage and Trevor Conrad.

"This is a group of hard working, dedicated and disciplined individuals," stated DSU Head Wrestling Coach Justin Schlecht.  "These guys have provided DSU wrestling with great guidance consistency and Leadership for the last 4 years.  I am very proud to have played a short role of coaching the outstanding young men."

Deshawn Haynes

            Diesel has been a great way to start of Duals for the last 3 years. Deshawn is from Houston, TX and graduated from Cypress Lakes High School.   He is a disciplined individual who has done a great job of rising above all challenges that have faced him on and of the mat. Deshawn will be graduating in the spring of 2017 with a degree in Business management, next year while finishing school he will be helping student coach.   Diesel is a 2x National Qualifier and will be greatly missed wearing a BLUEHAWK Singlet. 

Pat Tangen

            Pat is a South Heart native that wrestled for the Dickinson High School and then came here to DSU to continue his Education and Wrestling Career.  Not enough can be said about Pat’s role on the DSU wrestling team.  Some of his teammates have wondered many times how long Pat has been a Team Leader/Captain.  Pat is the definition of Hard Work, perseverance and the never quit attitude.  Pat will be graduating in the Spring of 2016 with a degree in Criminal Justice.

Taylor Hodel

            Taylor has been a welcome since his arrival from Sacramento City College in California 2 years ago.   Taylor wrestled 165#’s the last 2 years and was a National Qualifier in 2015 and an All-American getting 3rd @ 165#’s in 2016.   Taylor is a student of the game and has been a great mentor for some of the younger guys on the roster for technique and dedication to the sport. Taylor was a NWCA Scholar All-Academic award winner this past season.  Taylor will be missed greatly in the Line-up but will also be helping student Coach next year as he graduates in Dec of 2016 with a degree in Composite Social Science.

Nick Dekalb

            Nick has played an important role on the team for the last 2 years.  He is also a transfer student from Sacramento City College that chose to continue his education and wrestling career here at DSU.  Nick wrestled from 149#’s to 174#’s in his time here at DSU.  Nick will graduate in the spring of 2017 with a degree in Exercise Science. 

Jason Armitage

            Jason has been a strong student and a consistent team member of DSU Wrestling since his arrival from Edgley,ND.  Jason is a member of the TRHLP (Theodore Roosevelt Leadership Program).  Jason has done an excellent job of managing his time between wrestling and the demands of being a great student.  Jason has been one of the guys for his time at DSU that the team never had to worry about if he was going to be present at practice ever for the last 5years.  Jason will be missed and his contributions academically as well as athletically will be missed.

Trevor Conrad

            Trevor has wrestled Hwt. For DSU for the past 2 seasons.  He has done an excellent job of making the move to the “big guy” weight class and offered a great anchor for duals and tournaments during his time at DSU.  Trevor always gave 100% effort, this being his strongest attribute.  The scenario never mattered for Trevor whether winning by 10 points or losing a close battle he was always giving 100% effort.  The DSU wrestling team will miss his constant effort.  Trevor is also a TRHLP member, who also excelled in the classroom.  He has done a great job of representing himself during his time as a DSU BlueHawk.